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Build brand awareness and online content, win new business, fill empty seats, and get to know your new customers all at the same time.

By starting small, micro-events do not have the overhead costs or pressure to pack the house of large events and do not require the buyouts, special venues, sponsors, and/or cross promotions that can often distract from your business and add a lot of coordination work.

Using off-peak times and existing resources means you can create a great offer using costs that were already spent anyway. Plus you get all the benefits of online and word of mouth exposure of an event.

And micro-events that miss the mark still let you test and learn about the market at a fraction of the cost of placing an ad.

Successful events go viral, get featured in the media, and shared like a large event for the cost of hosting a small dinner party and attract a more likely customer because the event was focused on your business, not a lot of bells and whistles.