More incentives are needed to win new business than existing business, which means a great micro-event that attracts new customers often sells out to existing customers first if you start by promoting to your own list.

Toronto Common events skip your list and starts fresh with ours making it more likely to reach new customers first. We also use other strategies designed to change consumer behaviour to help keep events focused on winning new, repeat business - not just one-offs.



Micro-events are new and require clear communication to meet expectations.

With over 300 past events and thousands of photos online, Toronto Common has plenty of past experience and standardized messaging across all events making it easier to understand even for people who do not read all the fine print.

Our better than regular price guarantee and history of great value creates a trust that would be difficult for a business to communicate themselves without applying a discount or resorting to giving something away for free.

We never post “save $10” or “take 20% off” or give away free tickets, which might attract the wrong audience.



Restrictions like ‘no refunds, no substitutions‘, set times, and limited seats can be a public relations nightmare to enforce, especially if you’re a recognized brand known for excellent customer service.

We let you keep your distance and keep within budget with these beneficial conditions by being a buffer between your business and the customer.

Our audience knows Toronto Common receives limited seats under specific conditions with no exceptions. These events are kept distinct from your normal operations, where customers can visit with more flexibility at regular price.

This creates an easy way to reward customers who follow the conditions that help reduce risk and costs but not lose those who wish a more flexible format. It also frees up your staff from having to learn a separate set of rules to enforce for the event if people inquire in advance. They can simply direct them to Toronto Common.