Build Brand Awareness Immediately And Effectively

First and foremost, we are a digital marketing tool and a list rental.

We use event info and photos to give consumers regular reminders of your business and keep you on the radar. 

Even if viewers do not attend the event, our posts focus on your business offering so viewers can attend on their own.

We cut through the noise with unique and enticing content that's real, reflects your brand, reaches a new audience, and builds trust not hype.

We use the latest digital marketing strategies to attract targeted audiences looking to try new things.

We focus on organic, local followers, which means we never buy followers, run contests, follow for follows or do anything to hurt the quality of our audience.

We post on multiple channels efficiently and effectively to ensure content is not only seen but easy to share and go viral, and is cost effective to repeat to make a lasting impression.

Create A Clear Call to Action And Strategic Offer

Reaching today's busy consumers requires a clear call to action.

A great food photo or review still has many points of hesitation to winning a real customer.

Researching the menu, coordinating with friends, making a reservation, booking online or waiting in line all create points of drop off or cancellations.

Not to mention price, value, and other unknowns often make people reluctant to suggest or convince friends to try new places unless the place is already trending.

Toronto Common makes it easier to try new things by removing the points of hesitation with one clear call to action and we aim to build trust and transparency with our viewers so they trust us to try you.

Tickets have set dates and times, are limited seating and timingnon-refundable, offer a better value guarantee, have a clear price, and are easy to coordinate.

Win Repeat Business And Learn About Your Market

Focusing on your business strength (and adjusting to weaknesses) is the key to winning repeat business.

Our events look to highlight what you do best, not simply what's trending, and test what could be improved to find you paying customers that appreciate your effort.

All our guests purchase tickets so they are already willing to pay for your business, they just needed a little incentive and/or adjustment.

And having them arrive at an event gives you the perfect opportunity to plan a great experience and win them over as repeat customers.

Even if the event doesn't sell, they can offer valuable insight into the market and what can be done to improve the longevity of your business with minimal investment in time, resources, costs, and impact on your brand.

We work with your business and help you tweak and test it, not change it to fit consumer demands.