Toronto Common founder, Alice Tu, loves trying new things and she was often coordinating fun new events for her friends... Making reservations for a new restaurant, planning a group camping trip, or coordinating tickets to sporting events, concerts or classes.

Researching places, prices, add-ons, making reservations, deciding what to order, and collecting payment often became frustrating but she also knew the more the merrier, and often the more cost-effective.

She thought wouldn't it be great if there was an easy, all-inclusive option for trying new things that offered variety, and simplicity.

At the same time she was and still is working as a marketing consultant, had spent many years working with customer loyalty programs, grew up in the restaurant business, and knew the value of building brand awareness and winning new customers.

Toronto Common was designed to bring together the two in a win-win event model that offers new customers a great first experience, and businesses an effective, and affordable way to build their brand.