Showcase a Premium Experience

with our rare bottles event series

One of our goals at Toronto Common is to build food appreciation in the community through online content and tastings events.

As the child of a restauranteur with the first sushi bar, Mongolian bbq, and Taiwanese snack bar in Brampton (pre-1999), I know growing food appreciation takes time, education, opportunities to taste, and positive food experiences and memories.

At Toronto Common we strive to provide these opportunities in an easy to plan, low risk way for guests and businesses.

This month we're focused on launching a rare bottle series for the summer months.

Wines, Beers, Ciders, Whiskies, Sakes

As long as the bottles are rare, unique, have a great story behind them, and showcase premium.

We can have multiple events in each category as long as the stories are different.

Rare Canadian Wines, Micro-Breweries of the West Coast, etc.

We rely on your expertise in your craft to define the event and we'll help develop that into a unique, and easy to understand event message.

Feature one bottle with dinner as a showcase, or many as a comparison with snacks or dinner.

All events will follow our usual model of small events, off-peak times, better than regular price guarantee, and an all-inclusive ticket.

This series will be offered in a 3 event model (instead of our usual 6 events for $600+HST). 

Our team will help you come up with the right concept for your business within the rare bottle model, write copy, take pictures, promote online and market with the benefit of other rare bottle events to build awareness.

Events will repeat monthly for 3 months for a posting fee of $300+HST

We are currently looking for a few great partners that have the expertise and a passion for the craft as we hope to launch between 3-6 different events within this model.

If this is something your business would be interested in please email us at to set up a meeting or call.