What is play?

PLAY is a new way for businesses to test Toronto's ever changing market.

The food industry is Toronto is more competitive and moving faster than ever before.

Food trends used to last years, now they often last months, and with constant imitators.

If a business isn't innovating it is constantly losing market share but all that innovation comes at a cost.

PLAY makes it easier for businesses to develop new recipes, test new ideas, with less risk and less cost.

Using off-peak times, efficient marketing on a theme, and set, paid attendance to cover food costs, PLAY provides an efficient channel for testing new ideas.


How does it work?

Toronto Common announces a theme through our e-newsletter.

Businesses sign up only for the themes they want to participate in.

You pick your event date, menu, price, min and max number of guests.

We setup your event including writing copy and search optimization, and post the event on multiple online channels along with other events on the theme.

We promote the theme as a whole to generate interest and create awareness about ingredients, techniques, history. 

Unlike our usual service (link), Toronto Common does not need to know the menu ahead of time or take photos. You can tag us in your social media photos as you PLAY with ideas for your event for us to repost.

All tickets are sold in advanced with our usual no cancellation policy.

You host guests 



Eventbrite Fees will be deducted from ticket price.

Toronto Common will take $5 per ticket.