Toronto Common Self-Serve (NEW)

Get the most out of micro-events at the best price, $600 for 6 months UNLIMITED event creation with your own access to our Eventbrite portal.

We've spent the last 4 years introducing Toronto to micro-events

  • Small Events (set dates/times)
  • Great Value with our Better than Regular Price Guarantee
  • Pre-paid Tickets, No Refunds, No Substitutions

Torontonians are busy and making plans are often becoming a barrier to trying something new. By creating a small, repeatable plan, we're making it easier for people to visit your business at low risk, and low cost.

We've seen that

  • People share events more than they share ads or posts.
  • Events have better search optimization, traffic, and media potential*.
  • Micro-Events offer better experiences with less risk
  • Micro-Events have better return customers that come to try your business over people looking for large parties.

Mirco-events, like micro-blogging (twitter), and micro-hosting Airbnb, is following the trend that smaller is often better. As the market becomes more and more saturated with over the top events, the margins on these events decrease and the risk increases. Small events are designed to attract your ideal repeat customer. Someone looking to try your business but may not know you're there or have the time to coordinate a plan.

Your event portal access will allow you to

  • Create your own events on Toronto Common's Eventbrite account with secure access to your payment info.**
  • Events will be listed on Eventbrite immediately and on our site within 48hrs.
  • You can submit up to 5 social media posts for each event via email.
  • All events will be announced in our e-newsletter at regular intervals.
  • Create as many events as you like as long as they follow our terms & conditions.
  • 5hrs of tech and marketing support including our industry best practices and learnings

We want to make Toronto Common the destination for easy plans. In order to do that we need more events, and we know businesses want the best price. By allowing businesses to create their own events and reducing the work to promote, businesses can create more events, testing many different ideas to learn and grow with their business at a fixed cost.

Terms & Conditions

  • Events must be better than regular price
  • Events must be tax, tip, Eventbrite fees included
  • Events cannot require additional purchases to participate
  • Events must be held at the location and by the brand granted access, no account sharing.***
  • Set Tip amount can only be added if listed on menu as tip percentage for parties/groups
  • Events must list items included and cannot change offer after posted

Toronto Common builds trust with our audience using these terms & conditions so people are more willing to try something new. In the interest of maintaining that trust for all brands, any violation of these terms will result in tickets being refunded to guests and review of the businesses access to the site.

* Events are more likely to be featured on media outlets like BlogTO, Toronto Life, etc. A business is often featured once when they open but after that is difficult to get mentions. Events create attention and if they follow our model of great value, they are regularly featured on other sites and can often be listed for free on event sites like BlogTO events. 

** Payment info is entered by the business and stored showing only the last 4 digits. Toronto Common or any of our other brands will not have access to your payment info.

*** Contact us about discounts for multiple brands if you're an agency or parent company with multiple locations and brands.

Toronto Common Full-Service

Toronto Common events start at 6 events, usually for 6 months but timing is at the discretion of the business.

So for $100 a month, we can keep your business on the radar of people looking to Experience Something New.

Repeating events makes the most of marketing materials, and ensures the best viral and search optimization potential. We do not target people who will try any business once, but those that make ideal repeat customers.

Included SERVICEs

  • 2 Event Strategy Sessions
    (one to create first 3 events, and one to adjust event
    if needed before announcing last 3)
  • Event Copy Writing
  • Social Media Photography
  • Eventbrite Event Setup
  • Website Event Post and Rotating Landing Page
  • Facebook Event Setup
  • New Event Email Announcement
    (plus regular event reminder emails)
  • BlogTO Event Submission
  • Social Media Posts
    (1-2 posts per week on Instagram synced to
    Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr)
  • Live Post First Event
  • Eventbrite Checking In Guests Training
  • Google Drive Access to photos
    (expires one month after last event)


Businesses get all the ticket revenue minus Eventbrite fees, Toronto Common receives a one-time posting fee. 

  • $600 +HST Posting Fee

Additional Costs:

  • Promotional offer for guests with tax, tip, and fees included
  • Food for pre-event photoshoot
  • Eventbrite fees for tickets sold

* Eventbrite fees and timing are subject to change based on Eventbrite's service agreement. We will do our best to notify hosts of any changes as soon as possible.



    $300 +HST
    $350 +HST per release
    (up to 500 words) plus press release service fees
    $250 +HST per event
    $300 +HST per event
    $350 +HST per hour
    $250 +HST per hour
  • MARKETING CONSULTING with SustainableMrk
    $300 +HST per hour