Our Events are for Everyone

Everyone is treated the same at Toronto Common events, there are no special guests, VIPs, or exclusives.

There are no free tickets or promotional prices.

All tickets are open to the public on the website and we ask everyone to purchase tickets online.

Our events are small and frequent. Each event follows the same format to ensure efficiency and to ensure prices are as competitive as possible for everyone equally.

Our Events are Always Better than Regular Price

Events are more work for businesses but often the confusion around what's being offered creates more work to clarify then its worth.

We’re not a discount site but we are an easy to plan, enjoyable events site, and what’s easier and more enjoyable than knowing you are always paying less than regular price without having to do any math.

We ensure every ticket price is better value by using off-peak times, set menus, confirmed attendance and efficient marketing services.

Our Events are Small

Although we will occasionally offer a small amount of tickets to larger events at better value, our focus is on small, everyday events.

Large events are great but sometimes you just want a fun Tuesday night catch up with friends or an easy Monday night dinner to try something new.

And because we want to work with great venues around the city, having an off-peak event makes it easier to get a quality experience without the high price tags. And with so much going on in this great city, why not enjoy a night out every night of the week!