We meet with you to discuss your strengths, your niche in the market, and what makes your business stand out.

We work with you to design an event that addresses your business needs and showcases your strength.

We write the event copy to ensure the event attracts the right audience, hits online marketing best practices, and minimizes questions and confusion.


You provide us with your logo and an opportunity to take photos, preferably during daylight hours. 

We post the agreed event copy and photos on Eventbrite, the Toronto Common website, and BlogTO events.

We share the event via email, instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and continue to post regularly on all social media platforms.


You will be given your own access to your events on Eventbrite to view ticket sales.

We will be at the first event to show you how to check guests in and to live post the event.

You will be able to check in guests for all future events.