Toronto Common events are more than just hype. We use 3 proven marketing strategies:

  • Loyalty Marketing - Use the right offer/incentive to attract the right target customer
  • Digital Marketing - Create a strong call to action with great viral potential that is easily found and shared online
  • Experiential Marketing - Give potential customers the opportunity to see, taste, and experience in an easier way

To build online brand awareness, target the right repeat customer, and grow your business.

Showcase your best

Create an experience that you're proud of and offer the best of your business for guests that appreciate it.

Often in order to cover costs and gain reach, businesses try to find the lowest common denominator or change their business to fit the latest trends for events.

We encourage businesses to focus on their strengths and let us find those that appreciate that effort.

Toronto's strength is it's diversity and we encourage businesses to showcase their uniqueness. We love variety and work with you to create events that offer what sets you apart.

Reach a new audience

Whether you've got an amazing following or you're just getting started, we help you reach a new audience with strategic marketing that includes copy writing, photography, the latest online tools, search optimization, social media, email, and leveraging other sites, all with a new audience in mind.

Your following already knows your business, we build a following of people looking to try something new in a fun and easy way.

Our events are designed with new customers in mind. We focus on clarity and transparency to ensure guests know what to expect even if they've never been before.

Cover your costs

We offer efficient and effective event strategies to ensure a win win experience for guests and businesses.

Our events are promotions, but everyone knows there's no such thing as a free lunch and we never offer free tickets.

By using off-peak times, utilizing existing resources, and giving you all ticket revenue minus Eventbrite fees, we ensure that the events are sustainable to run, easy to maintain, and great value for attendees and hosts.

We never mark up, discount, or giveaway your tickets. And we repeat events regularly to make the most of marketing content created.