Why are events communal?

Toronto Common is more than just great offers, we want to create fun, social events for people with similar interests.

While we will never make you wear name tags, hold hands in a circle, or play icebreakers, we think it never hurts to meet a few new people who happen to share your love of ramen or macarons, or love watching basketball like you do.

We are not a dating site, we are not a networking event, in fact if you want to attend with a few friends and catch up with them but take advantage of our offers that’s totally ok.

But even then, additional guests mean we get better offers, more variety, better energy, and we know in today’s busy world, your friends aren’t always free when you are or they’re not always interested in what you’re interested so it’s also nice to have the option to join a group without too much fuss.

Since venues host each event individually, each event may vary in seating. Some may be one large shared table, others maybe multiple tables. Please read the details of each event before purchasing the ticket.

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Who hosts the event?

The venue hosts the event. They will check tickets, provide service, offering, and manage all communications at venue. Toronto Common representatives usually attend the event but they do not staff the event.

Toronto Common facilitates online ticket purchases and provides consolidated listing, clear communication, and transparency.

We work with businesses to create an attractive offering, communicate any conditions in a consistent and easy to understand format (the “Please read section” of each event) and provide one point of contact prior to the event.

Any questions about an event prior to the event can be directed to Toronto Common.

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Can we make substitutions?

Generally there are no substitutions at our events.

Part of our offering to businesses in exchange for special pricing is to simplify the customer experience with a set offer and set attendance.

While we do try to offer a variety of items at each event, a variety of events, and are always happy to receive recommendations, most events offer a set offering with no substitutions.

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What are tasting portions?

In general, we recommend 1/3 to 1/4 of regular portions for tastings however tasting sizes may vary from location to location.

Also tasting portions tend to have more of the “good stuff” and less filler like fries, salads, or other side items, so they are not always exactly 1/3 to 1/4.

Toronto Common works with our partners to always ensure better than regular price value but we also recognize the work and effort our business partners put into each event and hope our attendees do too.

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Do I get to try everything on the list?

Yes, you get to try all the items listed unless otherwise stated.

Tasting menus are meant to let you try multiple items on the menu. Smaller portions, more variety, no need to choose, no food envy, no FOMO, instead an enjoyable shared food experience. 🙂

Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you try it so why not try it all.

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If you're so great at marketing, why don't you have more followers?

We've doubled our following steadily every year for 3 years. We know the demand is there for our service but we are limited by the type and variety of events we offer.

We know the more events we offer, the more traffic and engagement we see.

Our followers follow us for your events, which is exactly how we want it.

We do not buy followers, offer free stuff, run contests, or even follow for follows to build our list.

We use our list as market research to measure demand, make changes, and test for our clients so it's important that our list is reflective of the market.

As valuable as the number of followers can be, we feel a relative following is equally as important so we aim to build a following interested in hearing about our events and are confident that list will grow as our list of events grows.

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Can tickets be refunded or exchanged?

Tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances, however they can be transferred to someone else without any additional administration or fees.

Tickets cannot be exchanged for another event.

Our events are small, and are better than regular price. As part of our agreement with businesses to get these prices we offer businesses easy to administer events which includes no refunds, changes, and/or special requests.

We want every ticket to be used and allow tickets to be transferred to anyone else without any fees or additional administration but cannot process refunds.

We understand that things come up and plans change but like tickets to most events in the city, you can sell your ticket or give it away to someone else.

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