Why use Toronto Common when I can promote the event myself?

Your time is valuable; we can efficiently and effectively promote your event on multiple channels for an average of $100 per month, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Writing content, taking photos, and posting regularly on instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogto, email, eventbrite, and understanding search optimization for websites takes time, and it's what we're doing all the time.

We also provide you with a new audience, instead of or supplementing promoting to your existing audience.

New customers need more of an incentive then regular customers because they are unfamiliar with your brand.

Creating a great offer and promoting to your audience first means the event could see out before new customers even see it. Promoting through us means new potential customers have more of a chance of viewing the event before regulars.

Our events also use other strategies to make events more enticing to new customers than regulars. 

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How do people find your events?

Toronto Common posts on multiple channels to cast a wide Toronto net.

We post our events in a easy to share format with links to our site on facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr because we know that a popular event can go viral quickly and the less people need to search from information, the more likely they'll purchase a ticket.

We interact regularly with the Toronto audience on instagram to ensure wider reach while always focusing on real followers, and real interest, not paid followers or those looking for contests or free promotions.

Our audience helps us find the right target customer by sharing the event with people they know will like that event.

Our first Ramen tasting sold out 4 events in a day when we had less than 300 followers because a few people saw it, shared it with their friends and the word spread quickly. 

By writing effective copy with transparency and clarity in mind, people quickly bought tickets without questions or hesitation. 

We post on Eventbrite, we've found the Eventbrite event listing has been a great source of traffic. People go on to Eventbrite looking for things to do, and we make sure that our event details are clear and enticing whether you're familiar with the business or reading about it for the first time.

We post our events on BlogTO events listing. Like Eventbrite, we've found BlogTO events listing is where many people in the city go to look for things to do in Toronto. And by using the same copy from Eventbrite, to our website, to BlogTO, we minimize confusion and make it easier for people to sign up.

Our website is search optimized and designed to be a destination for people looking to try new things. By offering a wide variety of events, all with a easy to sign up model, we've created a destination for people looking to try something new. The more events we have on the site, the more people will visit it and increase visibility for all events.

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If you're so great at marketing, why don't you have more followers?

We've doubled our following steadily every year for 3 years. We know the demand is there for our service but we are limited by the type and variety of events we offer.

We know the more events we offer, the more traffic and engagement we see.

Our followers follow us for your events, which is exactly how we want it.

We do not buy followers, offer free stuff, run contests, or even follow for follows to build our list.

We use our list as market research to measure demand, make changes, and test for our clients so it's important that our list is reflective of the market.

As valuable as the number of followers can be, we feel a relative following is equally as important so we aim to build a following interested in hearing about our events and are confident that list will grow as our list of events grows.

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