Why are there no free tickets, promotional tickets, or personal invites?

The main goal of Toronto Common is to build online presence and find real potential customers. What defines "real, potential customer" is their willingness to purchase a ticket.

Events are small and offer great value already, adding additional promotions, giving away tickets for free, or personal invites to select groups or individuals usually results in guests that would not have come on their own and additional administration costs. While those guests may still become customers, there was more of a cost to get them there making them a less likely customer then someone who purchased a ticket on their own. Paying for the ticket is our main way of identifying and rewarding potential customers.

Creating differentiation in tickets with some getting promos, others getting free tickets can often also cause anger when they all sit together and it may also result in guests waiting for promos or additional offers for events instead of purchasing right away. In order for all events to benefit, Toronto Common needs to be a destination with lots of events and we need to encourage purchasing tickets without hesitation. Ensuring that tickets will never be offered in a promotion is one way we prevent people from waiting, complaining and it's one of the many ways we build trust with our audience.

If you business would like to host a separate event for media only, we can set that up as a separate event with additional fee.