Why are events communal?

Toronto Common is more than just great offers, we want to create fun, social events for people with similar interests.

While we will never make you wear name tags, hold hands in a circle, or play icebreakers, we think it never hurts to meet a few new people who happen to share your love of ramen or macarons, or love watching basketball like you do.

We are not a dating site, we are not a networking event, in fact if you want to attend with a few friends and catch up with them but take advantage of our offers that’s totally ok.

But even then, additional guests mean we get better offers, more variety, better energy, and we know in today’s busy world, your friends aren’t always free when you are or they’re not always interested in what you’re interested so it’s also nice to have the option to join a group without too much fuss.

Since venues host each event individually, each event may vary in seating. Some may be one large shared table, others maybe multiple tables. Please read the details of each event before purchasing the ticket.