How do you guarantee great value?

We guarantee our events will always be a better price than walking in as a regular customer and purchasing items individually.

Toronto Common works with our business partners to provide unique experiences for our attendees at a better price than if they walked in on their own, GUARANTEED!

Similar to group buying models, by providing businesses with a group plus set date, time, and confirmed guests, we can negotiate better value for everyone.

However, unlike group buying models, we think there is more to choosing to try a new business than just the lowest price. We want to work with the best restaurants, venues, and locations in the city by providing a unique service and offering that showcases their business, not just beat down their price.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest way to try a new business but the most value overall. We all know we pay for what we get so we encourage our attendees to allow the business to provide the best of their offering rather than just their lowest priced offering.

We’ve found that by allowing businesses to showcase their best, it’s amazing the things they can come up with and by offering businesses that opportunity, we can attract businesses that would never consider being on a group buying site.