Why are there no free tickets, promotional tickets, or personal invites?

The main goal of Toronto Common is to build online presence and find real potential customers. What defines "real, potential customer" is their willingness to purchase a ticket.

Events are small and offer great value already, adding additional promotions, giving away tickets for free, or personal invites to select groups or individuals usually results in guests that would not have come on their own and additional administration costs. While those guests may still become customers, there was more of a cost to get them there making them a less likely customer then someone who purchased a ticket on their own. Paying for the ticket is our main way of identifying and rewarding potential customers.

Creating differentiation in tickets with some getting promos, others getting free tickets can often also cause anger when they all sit together and it may also result in guests waiting for promos or additional offers for events instead of purchasing right away. In order for all events to benefit, Toronto Common needs to be a destination with lots of events and we need to encourage purchasing tickets without hesitation. Ensuring that tickets will never be offered in a promotion is one way we prevent people from waiting, complaining and it's one of the many ways we build trust with our audience.

If you business would like to host a separate event for media only, we can set that up as a separate event with additional fee.

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Why use Toronto Common when I can promote the event myself?

Your time is valuable; we can efficiently and effectively promote your event on multiple channels for an average of $100 per month, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Writing content, taking photos, and posting regularly on instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogto, email, eventbrite, and understanding search optimization for websites takes time, and it's what we're doing all the time.

We also provide you with a new audience, instead of or supplementing promoting to your existing audience.

New customers need more of an incentive then regular customers because they are unfamiliar with your brand.

Creating a great offer and promoting to your audience first means the event could see out before new customers even see it. Promoting through us means new potential customers have more of a chance of viewing the event before regulars.

Our events also use other strategies to make events more enticing to new customers than regulars. 

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Why do events repeat and what if I only want to do one event?

Events repeat because the amount of work promoting one event is the about the same amount of work as promoting 6, if not more because there's no word of mouth from attendees.

Once all the copy is written and the photos are taken, it makes more sense to keep events small to minimize risk while using multiple events to grow word of mouth marketing.

One-off events are billed the same posting fee however, the second strategy session can be used at a later date for a second event down the road in the same year.

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Can you work with existing events?

Yes, we can work with existing events as long as our ticket price is less than the posted ticket price and we are given the opportunity to create content including writing event copy with the team and taking photos.

Our events work on a high level of clarity and transparency both to give attendees peace of mind and to ensure minimal questions and complaints throughout the ticketing process.

In order to keep costs low, our team is lean and that model runs on efficiency. Unclear copy, lack of photos, results in a lot of emails and questions that add to the cost in taking on the even and can sometimes result in complaints in bad reviews online or requests for refunds.

Clarity, transparency, well written copy, clear food photos, and posts, keep these issues to a minimum. We rarely get questions about events and we've never had to refund a ticket and we'd like to keep it that way.

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How do people find your events?

Toronto Common posts on multiple channels to cast a wide Toronto net.

We post our events in a easy to share format with links to our site on facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr because we know that a popular event can go viral quickly and the less people need to search from information, the more likely they'll purchase a ticket.

We interact regularly with the Toronto audience on instagram to ensure wider reach while always focusing on real followers, and real interest, not paid followers or those looking for contests or free promotions.

Our audience helps us find the right target customer by sharing the event with people they know will like that event.

Our first Ramen tasting sold out 4 events in a day when we had less than 300 followers because a few people saw it, shared it with their friends and the word spread quickly. 

By writing effective copy with transparency and clarity in mind, people quickly bought tickets without questions or hesitation. 

We post on Eventbrite, we've found the Eventbrite event listing has been a great source of traffic. People go on to Eventbrite looking for things to do, and we make sure that our event details are clear and enticing whether you're familiar with the business or reading about it for the first time.

We post our events on BlogTO events listing. Like Eventbrite, we've found BlogTO events listing is where many people in the city go to look for things to do in Toronto. And by using the same copy from Eventbrite, to our website, to BlogTO, we minimize confusion and make it easier for people to sign up.

Our website is search optimized and designed to be a destination for people looking to try new things. By offering a wide variety of events, all with a easy to sign up model, we've created a destination for people looking to try something new. The more events we have on the site, the more people will visit it and increase visibility for all events.

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Who is your target audience?

Toronto Common looks for two things in our following, people in Toronto, and people who like to try new things.

Part of designing an event site for a multicultural city is knowing that you never know who might be interested in what.

Having a wide variety of events means someone may come on the site because of a Whiskey search and end up buying a ticket for Frozen Yogurt so we try to avoid making any demographic or interest targets but we have many strategies aimed at targeting people looking to try new things and individual strategies for targeting people that might be interested in attending each specific event.

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Is Toronto Common an influencer?

The difference between most influencers and Toronto Common is that we do not try to rank or validate events.

We take a try it for yourself approach to our events and as long as events are priced within our better than regular price guarantee we like to offer a wide variety of events.

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How much notice is needed for an event?

We recommend posting events one month before the first event so there is plenty of time to promote. 

We've had events sell out months before the event and we're noticing Torontonians like to plan ahead.

Plus the longer an event stays online, the better the online reach, the more we can post, and the more likely the event will show up in search engines.

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What happens if no one attends?

Toronto Common events are small, we market them as small so guests do not expect a large attendance. If no one purchases tickets it's unlikely that anyone would know and there is no need to host the event.

If only a few show up it fit our small event model.

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Why are events small?

Toronto Common's first goal is to attract repeat business, people who are interested in your business regardless of how many people are there.

Large events attract people who like large events, which means they may come out to an event but may not come back to your business. And with so many large events happening in the city all the time, they can easily hop from event to event.

Large events are also higher risk and more costly. Researching what else is happening in the city, paying for ad placements, and giving away promotional tickets become necessary in promoting any large event.

Small events allow us to focus on your business and attracting people that want to your business without promises of large crowds.

They are also easier to fill, easier to manage without extra staff or special orders and easier to offer great value without a large loss.

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Why is there a posting fee?

Toronto Common was designed by SustainableMrk as a cost-effective marketing solution.

We write copy, take photos, post on multiple channels, all with strategic search optimization and marketing best practices in mind for as little as $100 per month.

Managing social media for a business through SustainableMrk starts at $250 per month, not including photography.

By creating a strategic event, and limiting the scope of posts and engagement, as well as by leveraging our existing list and stipulating better than regular price value, we are able to create a more effective and efficient marketing solution.

Creating posts and promoting your business our primary focus and the bulk of our work.

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Why do we need to use Eventbrite?

We have looked at many ticketing options and have found Eventbrite to be the most comprehensive and efficient.

Many guests have found our events through Eventbrite's listing service.

They offer payment transfers to individual businesses, easy guest check in options including user-friendly mobile apps for guests and hosts.

They offer social media connections, email synchronization options, and website integrations.

We are always evaluating new options but at this time we find Eventbrite to be the most effective service.

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Why do we need to take photos?

Even if viewers do not come to the event, a good photo can often drive new business to your location.

Photos also help set event expectations, winning repeat business is about giving people a great experience and that often starts with their expectations.

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Can I order additional items?

Additional items (drinks, food, or other items) are usually available as we rarely take over a business for a closed event. Regular service is usually operating during our events.

On the rare occasion that the event is a closed event, regular menu items may not be available.

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Why do you need to buy tickets in advance?

Toronto Common wants to provide unique experiences at great value which requires planning and coordination.

By providing a set number of attendees ahead of time, the venue is able to plan efficiently to ensure the best possible experience with less unknowns which often add to the cost and chaos of any event.

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How do you guarantee great value?

We guarantee our events will always be a better price than walking in as a regular customer and purchasing items individually.

Toronto Common works with our business partners to provide unique experiences for our attendees at a better price than if they walked in on their own, GUARANTEED!

Similar to group buying models, by providing businesses with a group plus set date, time, and confirmed guests, we can negotiate better value for everyone.

However, unlike group buying models, we think there is more to choosing to try a new business than just the lowest price. We want to work with the best restaurants, venues, and locations in the city by providing a unique service and offering that showcases their business, not just beat down their price.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest way to try a new business but the most value overall. We all know we pay for what we get so we encourage our attendees to allow the business to provide the best of their offering rather than just their lowest priced offering.

We’ve found that by allowing businesses to showcase their best, it’s amazing the things they can come up with and by offering businesses that opportunity, we can attract businesses that would never consider being on a group buying site.

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How do you pick venues?

Toronto Common wants to be a destination for anyone to go and make plans, whether you’re looking for an event in your area, choosing something to do with friends, or finding people who share your particular interest.

We give businesses the opportunity to present their best in an easy, manageable way so we can have a wide variety of events for our attendees.

We do not follow any particular trends or look for any particular type of business.

All we ask is that businesses to be transparent about their offering, have sufficient information for attendees to make an informed decision, whether it be on their website or in their offering, and that they offer something at better value than their regular price offering.

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