Toronto Common 4 Year Sichuan Inspired Anniversary Celebration

Toronto Common will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary with a 5 course Sichuan inspired tasting at Loch and Quay!

This year’s anniversary event will also launch our new event series “Play”, a fun way for chefs to step outside of their traditional cuisine.

Chefs participating in “Play” host one event based on a theme, with our first theme being Sichuan.

The Sichuan (四川 - four rivers) province in China is famous for its ma la (麻辣 - numbing spicy) cuisine and with this incredibly cold winter we thought it might be nice to have a little extra heat and warmth.

Executive Chef Devan Rajkumar loves playing with international flavours and has traveled the world looking for food inspiration.

His newly launched restaurant Loch and Quay features a variety of flavours from around the world and his catering, guest chef appearances, and food ambassador partnerships encourage him to experiment with all kinds of cuisines and ingredients making him the perfect chef for our first event.

Each dish in this 5 course tasting will play with traditional Sichuan ingredients and techniques but with Chef Devan’s own creative twists.

Follow along on social media to see what the chef’s are experimenting with in the kitchen and sign up to taste their new creations.

* Due to the off-menu nature of “Play” events, they do not fit our better than regular price guarantee as there is no regular price but they will continue to offer excellent value with tax and tip included.


All tickets must be purchased online by 11pm the night before the event.

No tickets will be available at the door.

Maximum attendance: 40 people

Guests should arrive 5 minutes prior to event to check-in. Event will start on time.

Tickets must be presented (printed or electronically) to check-in.

Each ticket is a unique one-time use code and cannot be shared.

This is a communal event, guests will be seated with other guests.

Guests must be 19 years or older with valid government issued photo ID.

Tickets non-refundable but are transferable to someone else without any additional administration.