Whisky 3.0 - Regions of Scotland Scotch Whisky Tasting

Now that Boxcar Social has taken us on a world tour in Whisky 101, taught us about Barrel Aging in Whisky 2.0, and given us a small taste of Bourbon for our Toronto Common 3 Year Anniversary event, it’s time to dive into even more detail with Whisky 3.0 - Regions of Scotland Scotch Whisky Tasting.

Scottish Whisky must follow strict regulations to be labeled as Scotch including only being processed, converted, fermented, and distilled in the distillery in Scotland and matured in a warehouse in Scotland. It must also retain the colour, aroma, and taste of the raw materials used with no added substances other than water and plain caramel colour. And additional cereals other than malted barely must be added whole. And it must be matured in oak casks not exceeding 700 litres.

These regulations along with it’s 6 unique regions, with different climates and traditions, makes Scottish whisky particular interesting and expressive to taste and compare.

Boxcar Social Whisky Director Ray Zwicker will be taking us on a guided tasting through the Highlands, Speyside, Islands, Islay, Lowlands, and Campbeltown to help guests learn and develop their palate and appreciation for Scottish Whisky. 

A selection of charcuterie, cheese, and crostini will be provided to as a light snack all for $85 tax and tip included.

Boxcar Social is quickly taking over the city landscape with a location in Summerhill, Riverside, Harbourfront and now on Temperance, plus two off shoots the Slip (summer patio) and Clocktower Bar.

The concept behind Boxcar Social was simple: Do what they love, do it with friends, and do it really well. Offering a curated, rotating list of coffees from the best roasters in the world, a careful selection of some of the world's top wines, craft beers, and whiskies - they strive to create the most unique tasting experience for their customers. And enjoy every minute of it.