Toronto Common makes it easier to try something new with fun, small, micro-events!

We partner with businesses to create fun, easy to plan experiences that are always better than regular price, are designed to be a great first experience, and are always tax & tip included.



Our Events are for Everyone

Everyone is treated the same at Toronto Common events, there are no VIPs, free tickets, or special prices.

All tickets are open to the public and we ask everyone to purchase tickets online, including our staff, friends, and family.

Our events are small, repeat regularly, and we want to offer a large variety of events so keeping additional lists of media, special guests, or negotiating separate prices adds a lot of cost and complication.

Instead, we offer our better price guarantee to everyone, all are welcome, and everyone can enjoy a great experience at great value.

Our Events are Better than Regular Price

We’re not a discount site but we do want to make trying something new easier including taking the guess work out of pricing.

We do the math to ensure you are always paying less than regular price so you don't have to.

If you've been meaning to try something, you know you'll try it for less with us.

By using off-peak times, set menus with no exceptions, confirmed attendance with no refunds, and efficient marketing services, we work with businesses to offer a better price that makes sense for the business and our guests.

Our Events are Small

Although we will occasionally offer a small amount of tickets to larger events at better value, our focus is on small, everyday events.

Large events are great but sometimes you just want a fun Tuesday night catch up with friends or an easy Monday night dinner.

New experiences can be overwhelming and sometimes watered down when groups get too big so we keep it small, easy to plan, and easy to buy out if you want to keep it to you and your friends.

And because we want to work with great venues around the city, having an off-peak event makes it easier to get a quality experience without the high price tags.